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Reagents Requirements
No. Name 1 2 3 4 Synth Guild Other
001 Bronze Key Magic Stone x1 Seton Steel x1 Rym Fang x1 D 4
002 Silver Key Magic Stone x1 Pearl Steel x1 Angel Essence x1 A 7
003 Gold Key Magic Stone x1 Diamond x1 Angel Halo x1 S New Game+
004 Gnome Stone Fresh Mud x3 Packed Mud x1 Magic Sand x3 "Create an Earthman" Quest
005 Water Purifier Seton STeel x1 Magic Sand x4 Pearl Stone x1 Electric Bones x1 "Lake Shisetika Project" Quest
006 Impurity Cleanser Rotted Skin x1 Purple Crystal x3 Sacred Branch x2 "Ath's Impurities" Quest
007 Beatiful Necklace Ramius Stone x1 Electric Bones x1 Spirit Stones x1 Floating Stone x1 "Beautiful Necklace" Quest
008 Beatiful Ring Rien Stone x1 Electric Bones x1 Sunflower x1 Rainbow Thread x1 "Beautiful Ring" Quest
009 Gift Wine Quality Branch x1 Undine Tear x1 Riple Apple x1 "Present" Quest (Emilita Route)
010 Wedding Dress White String x2 Bushy Hair x1 Silver Hair x1 "Wedding Dress" Quest (Emilita Route)
011 Charcoal Catalyst Blue Crystal x1 Quality Branch x1 Discolored Blood x1 "Charcoal Catalyst" Quest (Seralwi Route)
012 Purifier Core Pearl Stone x1 Earth Bones x1 Undine Essence x1 "Purifier Core" Quest (Seralwi Route)
013 New Purifier Seton Steel x1 Huge Fish Fang x1 Water Bones x1 "New Purifier" Quest (Seralwi Route)
014 Dragon Saddle Chamyl Skin x1 Lizard Claw x1 Ivy x1 Quality Branch x1 "Saddle Making" Quest
015 Spirit Vessel Albunea Steel x1 White Stone x1 Purple Crystal x1 "Prepare Substitue" Quest
016 Stoneworking Tools Ore x1 Quality Branch x1 Goble Claw x1 "Stone Working" Quest
017 Grinding Stone Coroshino Steel x1 Water Bones x1 "Stone Working" Quest
018 Alert Powder Sunflower x5 Darklight Flower x5 Rainbow Grass x5 Green Grass x20 "Alert Powder" Quest (New Game+ only)
019 Crimson Aegis Reyshia Steel x1 Kankuri Fragments x2 Angel Halo x1 Red Crystal x2 "Crimson Aegis" Quest (New Game+ only)

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