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Most recipes here are unlocked when you gain new companions, complete their quests, or see their events; to get some events, you need to level those characters. You can access extra H-scenes for current route heroine by upgrading her clothes to a certain point (two fabric treatment used?)

No. Name Reagents Requirements
1 2 3 4
001 Beast Master Armor Lizard Fang x1 Lizard Skin x2 Corshino Steel x1 Gnome Essence x1 Chapter 1+
Aht Lvl 6
002 Dark Knight Armor Seton Steel x1 Black Stone x2 Fire Fang x1 Demon Essence x1 Chapter 3+
Sharty Lvl 12
003 Flare Hunter Armor Flame Stone x3 Harpua Feather x3 Huge Fish Fang x4 Ifrit Essence x1 Chapter 4+
Quest #59 "Clear the Saerav" clear
004 Brave Lord Armor Albunea Steel x1 Rainbow Grass x4 Pearl Stone x2 Elemental Essence x1 Chapter 6+
Aht Lvl 14
Suina Lvl 12
Uya Lvl 18
Crayl Lvl 18
005 Vestal Blade Armor Pearl Steel x1 Silver Hair x4 Angel Halo x2 Angel Essence x2 Chapter 7+
Elizasleyn joined
006 Gothic Doll Armor Reyshia Steel x1 Black String x10 Angel Beads x1 Elemental Essence x3 NG+
007 God Slayer Armor Reyshia Steel x1 Divine Bones x2 Angel Essence x2 Devil Beads x1 NG+
008 Swan Robe Feathers x1 Animal Fin x1 Waterfowl Skin x2 Undine Essence x1 Chapter 1+
Suina Lvl 7
009 Sage Robe Black String x5 Soft Fur x2 Rainbow Thread x1 Elemental Essence x1 Chapter 3+
Melodiana joined
010 Blessed Robe Pearl Stone x4 Angel Feather x5 White String x5 Angel Essence x2 Chapter 5-6
Quest #75 "Misanshel's Trial" clear
011 Pumpkin Robe Ramius Stone x1 Brown String x4 Pumpkin x5 Gnome Essence x2 Crayanne Lvl 28
012 Frog Queen Robe Rien Stone x1 Electric Skin x3 Water Bones x2 Sprite Essence x2 Chapter 8
Gaptahl joined
013 Gothic Rocker Robe Diamond x2 Black String x10 Fairy Beads x1 Elemental Essence x3 NG+
014 Little Devil Robe Dark Bones x3 Mare Tail x1 Mare Wing x2 Mare Essence x1 NG+
015 Sprite Tunic Harpua Feather x2 White String x2 Evening Primrose x2 Sprite Essence x1 Chapter 2+
Crayl joined
016 Undine Tunic Mithril x1 Monster Fin x2 Fish Scale x2 Undine Essence x1 Chapter 3+
Suina Lvl 15
Quest #5 "Underground Lake" clear
017 Shade Tunic Insect Shell x2 Mare Wing x2 Spirit Stone x4 Demon Essence x1 Chapter 5+
Sharty Lvl 25
Melodiana Lvl 25
018 Ifrit Tunic Fire Bones x1 Red String x2 Sunflower x2 Ifrit Essence x2 Chapter 7+
Dungeon "Fox Shrine" clear
019 Harmonic Tunic Holy Bones x1 Rainbow Thread x3 Mifu Skin x1 Elemental Essence x2 Chapter 7
Paraskevas and Gaptahl joined
Crayanne Lvl 28
Kohakuren Lvl 35
020 Gothic Maid Tunic Divine Bones x1 Black String x10 Devil Beads x1 Elemental Essence x3 NG+
021 Elf Princess Tunic Mifu Skin x1 Mithril x10 Secret Herbs x3 Devil Beads x1 NG+