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装飾 (Accessories)Edit

No. Name Recipe Requirements
Guild Synth Other
001 Soldier Ring Corshino Steel x1
Red Stone x1
Red Liquid x1
Soldier Ring leveled
002 Gladiator Ring Seton Steel x1
Red Stone x1
Red Liquid x1
D Gladiator Ring leveled
003 Iron Wall Ring Corshino Steel x1
Green Stone x1
Green Liquid x1
Iron Wall Ring leveled
004 Fortress Ring Seton Steel x1
Green Stone x1
Green Liquid x1
D Fortress Ring leveled
005 Tower Necklace Corshino Steel x1
Magic Stone x1
Golden Liquid x1
Tower Necklace leveled
006 Heaven Necklace Seton Steel x1
Magic Stone x1
Golden Liquid x1
D Heaven Necklace leveled
007 Shield Ring Corshino Steel x1
Purple Stone x1
Purple Liquid x1
Shield Ring leveled
008 Barrier Ring Seton Steel x1
Purple Stone x1
Purple Liquid x1
D Barrier Ring leveled
009 Mining Bracelet Earth Bones x2
Worm Blood x2
White Stone
"Kalenri's Floodgates" quest started
(Serawi route only)
010 Fish Bracelet Serpent Fang x1
Fish Scale x1
Blue Stone x1
011 Magma Bracelet Flame Stone x1
Fire Claw x1
Red Stone x1
012 Mole Bracelet Magic Sand x1
Goble Fang x1
Black Stone x1
013 Rubber Bracelet Gallstones x1
Electric Fang x1
Green Stone x1
014 Hawkeye Bracelet Huge Talon x1
Floating Stone x1
015 Canceller Bracelet Dampener Bracelet x1
Resistance Bracelet x1
016 Gnome Necklace Gnome Essence x1
Magic Stone x1
Aht friendship
017 Undine Necklace Undine Essence x1
Magic Stone x1
Suina friendship
018 Ifrit Necklace Ifrit Essence x1
Magic Stone x1
Uya friendship
019 Sprite Necklace Sprite Essence x1
Magic Stone x1
Crayl friendship
020 Angel Necklace Angel Essence x1
Magic Stone x1
Melodiana friendship
021 Demon Necklace Demon Essence x1
Magic Stone x1
Sharty friendship
022 Iron Buckler Ore x2 1
023 Soldier's Shield Corshino Steel x1
Ore x1
024 Knight's Shield Seton Steel x1
Magic Stone x1
025 Mithril Shield Mithril x1
White Stone x1
026 Reyshia Shield Reyshia Steel x1
Floating Stone x1
027 Leather Buckler Lizard Skin x1
Lizard Claw x1
028 Skin Shield Electric Skin x1
Electric Claw x1
029 Carapace Shield Insect Shell x1
Goble Claw x1
030 Dragon Shield Chamyl Skin x1
Chamyl Claw x1
031 Angelwing Shield Angel Feather x1
Angel Halo x1
Angel Essence x1
Angel Beads x1
032 Reaper Bane Mole Bracelet x1
Electric Rock x3
Ghost Essence x5
"Thunder Peak" dungeon cleared
033 Faithful Necklace Fish Bracelet x1
Swan Grass x4
Ghost Essence x5
"Parallel Rivers" dungeon cleared
034 Bullseye Bracelet Rubber Bracelet x1
Desert Sand x6
Ghost Essence x5
"Burning Sands" dungeon cleared
035 Piercing Bracelet Magma bracelet x1
Philosopher Stone x3
Ghost Essence x5
"Land of Regrets" dungeon cleared
036 Desperation Bracelet Hawkeye Bracelet x1
Angel's Charm x4
Ghost Essence x5
"Land of Regrets" dungeon cleared
037 Beautiful Jewels Nightmare Necklace x3
Lucky Bracelet x2
Rien Stone x5
Bag of Gems x5
10 M "Land of Regrets" dungeon cleared
250 Sense
038 Saint's Necklace Goddess Sculpture x1
Sacred Charm x1
Angel Beads x1
10 M "Ultimate Recipe" obtained
039 Red Mantle Red String x15
Bushy Hair x10
Elemental Essence x2
250 Sense
Leguna joined
040 Animation Stone Bronze Coin x5
Magic Sand x5
Elemental Essence x2
250 Knowledge
Stone Golem joined


No. Name Mutation
009 Mining Bracelet Master Key
016 Gnome Necklace Mountain Necklace
017 Undine Necklace Blizzard Necklace
018 Ifrit Necklace Inferno Necklace
019 Sprite Necklace Typhoon Necklace
020 Angel Necklace Sanctified Necklace
021 Demon Necklace Nightmare Necklace
039 Red Mantle Pompous Mantle
040 Animation Stone Almighty Stone

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