Develop a medicine for wasting sicknessEdit

Given by Edran
Available Chapter 1-3

Quest 23 and Quest 27 complete, Emiritta Lv. 5, Reaper not defeated

Unlocks Nothing
Failure Condition 10 days pass

Once the prerequisites have been completed, head to the workshop and then the bar for a couple of scenes with Emiritta. It seems an acquaintance of hers has come down with illness, and she asks you if you'll help him by developing some medicine for him.

To complete the request, simply synthesize the Withering Medicine (痩養病の薬) before your time is up:

  • 3x Small Potion (治癒の水・小)
  • 1x Aromatic Herbs (香葉)
  • 1x White Grass (白草)

Then drop it off at the bar to wrap things up.


  • 2000 S
  • 1x Decorative Sword

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