Develop a sweet fruit spiceEdit

Given by Tian
Available Prologue (Mandatory)
Prerequisites Quest 2 completed
Unlocks Elf Forest: Jade Grounds of Glimmering Sunlight
Failure Condition None

After you've dropped off the pink dye with Tian, visit his bar again to try his new drink. Your dye results in a lovely color but an unpleasant flavor, so Tian asks you to come up with a sweet spice that will offset it.

The Jade Grounds of Glimmering Sunlight (木漏れ日の深緑地) will be unlocked for access. Go there and clear it, resulting in the end of the prologue. Once Chapter 1 begins, you will be able to sythesize the spice (甘い果実の香料). Do so and drop it off at the bar for your reward.

Note that although you must accept the request to advance the storyline, it is not necessary to actually complete it.


  • 300 S
  • 2x Stone
  • 2x Clay
  • 2x Wood
  • 2x Soil

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