Develop a pale pink dyeEdit

Given by Tian
Available Prologue (mandatory)
Prerequisites None
Unlocks Elf Forest: Tranquil Collection Ground
Failure Condition None

Once you've visited with everybody after receiving your craftsman's license, Tian will tell you that he'd like to offer your first job. Visit him at his bar for more details about the request. He wants a light pink dye - something to use in a drink that will appeal to women.

The Tranquil Collection Ground (平穏なる採取地) will be unlocked for access. Go there and clear it by uncovering all of the gather points, then return to your workshop, synthesize the dye (薄桃色の染料) and drop it off at the bar to complete the request.


  • 200 S
  • Light Blue Nut x10
  • Green Nut x10
  • Yellow Nut x10

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