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There are 44 important items in the game. A few, like the Gold Key, are only accessible after clearing the game once. Some are meant for quests, others are just for show.

No. Icon Name (Japanese) Name Description Obtained Use
001 Kamidori-item-key-key-bronze 銅の魔鍵 Bronze Key Opens and closes bronze doors Alchemy Opens bronze doors
002 Kamidori-item-key-key-silver 白銀の魔鍵 Silver Key Opens and closes silver doors Alchemy Opens silver doors
003 Kamidori-item-key-key-gold 黄金の魔鍵 Gold Key Opens and closes gold doors Alchemy Opens gold doors
004 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「匠巣」 Initiate License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Initiate rank
005 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「練士」 Fledgling License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Fledgling rank
006 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「匠士」 Tradesman License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Tradesman rank
007 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「少工匠」 Craftsman License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Craftsman rank
008 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「中工匠」 Artisan License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Artisan rank
009 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「大工匠」 Artificer License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Artificer rank
010 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「工匠長」 Virtuoso License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Virtuoso rank
011 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「匠範」 Master License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Master rank
012 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許章「匠貴」 Grand Master License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Grand Master rank
013 Kamidori-item-key-license 免許証「匠王」 Meister License Proof of Alchemist Guild membership Meister rank
014 Kamidori-item-key-sign 工匠会の看板 Guild Signboard Proof that you are permitted to do business Initiate rank
015 Kamidori-item-key-gnomestone 土精召喚石 Gnome Stone Allows the summoning of earth spirits Alchemy Quest 023 (recruits Aht)
016 Kamidori-item-key-sculpture 精巧なガラス細工 Glass Sculpture Given to you by Hannah Hannah Quest 050 (recruits Melodiana)
017 Kamidori-item-key-sake 清酒 Sumisake An apology for Kohakuren Tian (2000 gold) Quest 056
018 Kamidori-item-key-sake 喉殺し Rotgut Western alcohol for Kohakuren Tian (5000 gold) Quest 057
019 Kamidori-item-key-sake マノ刻 Elder Mano The finest alcohol in the land Tian (20000 gold) Quest 058
020 Kamidori-item-key-chisel 年季の入ったノミ Apprentice Chisel The chisel requested by a boy in the city Yuidora Woodland - Peaceful Grounds Quest 007
021 Kamidori-item-key-purifier1 水質浄化促進装置 Water Purifier Cleans the pollution at Lake Shisetika Alchemy Quest 030
022 Kamidori-item-key-arenacup 闘技王の証 Warrior King Proof Trophy of mastery of the Battle Arena Arena - Wil's Gauntlet Unlocks new recipes
023 Kamidori-item-key-cleanser 霊木の夾雑物 Impurity Cleanser Removes the impurities in Aht Alchemy Quest 025
024 Kamidori-item-key-necklace 豪華な首飾り Beautiful Necklace Requested by Sharty Alchemy Quest 047
025 Kamidori-item-key-ring 豪華な指輪 Beautiful Ring Requested by Sharty Alchemy Quest 048
026 Kamidori-item-key-starfall 隕結鉱 Starfall Ore Amurent Forestland - Rock Turtle Nest Quest 001 (Yuela route only)
027 Kamidori-item-key-book 北方の文献 Northern Book Holds information on the northern regions Merchant in Yuidora (10000 gold) Quest 066; unlocks new recipes
028 Kamidori-item-key-clam ザルメ貝 Zalme Clam Rare clam found only in deep water Yuma Lake - Lake Passage Quest 005
029 Kamidori-item-key-wine 贈答用の名酒 Gift Wine Boxed wine to be given as a gift Alchemy Quest 011
030 Kamidori-item-key-dress 幸せの花嫁衣装 Wedding Dress A beautiful pure white dress Alchemy Quest 012
031 Kamidori-item-key-ebonypearl 漆黒の魔珠 Ebony Pearl Chaotic Warground - Wartorn Ruins Starts Mylen's quest line
032 Kamidori-item-key-candlestick 精霊の燭台 Fairy Candlestick Allows entry to Mercy Light Valley Runic forest Ruins - Ancient Ruins Starts Phinilly's quest line
033 Kamidori-item-key-catalyst1 浄水の触媒炭 Charcoal Catalyst Catalyst to purify dirty water. Alchemy Quest 031
034 Kamidori-item-key-catalyst2 浄化機構の心臓部 Purifier Core Mechanism that is core of the new purifier. Alchemy Quest 032
035 Kamidori-item-key-purifier2 新型浄化機構 New Purifier Yuridora's new purifier. Alchemy Quest 033
036 Kamidori-item-key-saddle 雷竜の鞍 Dragon Saddle Saddle for Gaptahl Alchemy Quest 074
037 Kamidori-item-key-vessel 真納の器 Spirit Vessel An offering to the gods Alchemy Quest 067
038 Kamidori-item-key-tools 石材用の工具 Stoneworking Tools For doing stonework Alchemy Quest 069
039 Kamidori-item-key-grindingstone 石の研磨剤 Grinding Stone For smoothing down stone Alchemy Quest 069
040 Kamidori-item-key-crab 甲殻類生物 Crustacean Mysterious marine product Tian (??? gold) Quest 067
041 Kamidori-item-key-bracelet-shaderune 影詠の腕輪 Shaderune Bracelet
042 Kamidori-item-key-bracelet-celestial 星辰廻廊の腕輪 Celestial Bracelet Recruits Asmodeus
043 Kamidori-item-key-blackstone 黒き石 Odd Black Stone
044 Kamidori-item-key-alertpowder 光憐の気付け薬 Alert Powder Alchemy Quest 081
045 Kamidori-item-key-aegis 真紅の魔道鎧 Crimson Aegis Alchemy Quest 110
046 Kamidori-item-key-eucard カードのお守り Lucky Card Eushully Cards appear in dungeons Eushully-chan's House Spawns Eushully cards
047 Kamidori-item-key-recipe 究極武具のレシピ Ultimate Recipe Magnus rank (quest 148) Unlocks ultimate weapon recipes