Fino is the main character of Tayu Uta.

As the son of Jedas and Laura Sefit, heroes of the town of Ete, he has big shoes to fill. But where his elder brother Latiffe chose to join a knight's order to defend the town, Fino plans to make a different name for himself - by descending to the deepest depths of the Twisted Root and discovering the treasures therein.

Fino has a relentlessly optimistic demeanor, as well as an inquisitive streak a mile wide. Although the townspeople regard him as a troublemaker, if a harmless one, he is generally well-liked. Having grown up in a small town where everybody knows everyone else, he is eager to read or hear any sort of news about the world beyond Ete. When he isn't causing trouble with Myiri, he's browsing through the Raphaie family's collection of books.