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Rita Semih is the ghost of a girl who lived near the Forest of Dorabna, as her title stated she is "Cursed Girl of Dorabna". During Battle Goddess Zero, Kaya and Celica Sylphil went to Forest of Dorabna to investigate the strange things happening there. They found ghost of a girl who haunts the area. After Celica and Kaya defeated her, they found out that it was possessed by the Demon Spear. Kaya purified her and the ghost somehow disappeared.

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La DEA of Libra Perfect Guide Book & ver.2.00 append data announced!
Battle Goddess Memoria Ver1.03 patch released!
Battle Goddess Memoria Released!
Battle Goddess Memoria announced!
Madou Koukaku and Append 01 released!
Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou English translation patch released!
Madou Koukaku trial version released!
Conquest strategy game Madou Koukaku announced!
Arterial of Origins Perfect Guide Book & ver.2.00 append data released!


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