Ekria Teschous is the First Princess, and the Princess General of the Karussha Kingdom. She is the elder sister of Irina and Celine.

During the events of Princess General, she is referred to as the Masked General or Female General of Karussha. It wasn't until later in the story that they find out she is the princess of the Karussha Kingdom, which makes her 姫将軍 (Princess General). In Princess General 2, the royal family of Karussha, Teshuos, are the descendants of Princess God Femirins, as a result of which one member of the family always carries the curse of Femirins. In the Battle against Louie, Ekria has awoken the curse which give her the power of Femirins, but as a result it caused her to go berserk and kill her sister Irina.

Since Ekria's awakening as the new Princess God, Ekria changed her name to Ekria Femirins. She curses her faith as a Princess of Karussha, although if she dies, Femirins' curse will be transferred to the next person with Femirins' bloodline: the second Princess of Karussha, Celine.

In Battle Goddess Verita, Ekria travel with Celica as a way to atone for her sin. As Ekria is hunted by great magician Bureado's ten demons, Celica saves Ekria, which later causes him to Goddessify. As a way to save Celica from Goddessization taught by Haishera, Ekria made a contract with Celica to be his apostle and later his first head maid, which continues even until the end the end of Battle Goddess 2.


  • Ekria Teschous (エクリア・テシュオス) is used in both Princess General games. (Before the curse activates.)
  • Ekria Femirins (エクリア・フェミリンス) is used in Battle Goddess Verita and Battle Goddess 2.
  • Ekria's name in English is used during Ekria Side Story in the Game Battle Goddess Verita.


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