Ciruela is a Rewinian soldier. Her assignment is to guard the Northeastern Forbidden Grounds and maintain the archives stored there.

When Elteno is freed from her prison by Lapshia Lune, the small detachment of soldiers is quickly overwhelmed by her power. All of Ciruela's subordinates are killed. Lapshia asks Elteno to spare Ciruela's life; however, this is only so that one of his monstrous familiars can feed off of her. She remains its prisoner until Celica and his companions arrive to investigate. By the time she is freed, she's been rendered catatonic by her ordeal; requiring Celica to make contact with her sexually in order to wake her up so that she can be questioned. However, even after regaining consciousness, her mind still blocks out important details, such as hints that Lapshia was present at Elteno's awakening.