Celica Sylphil was raised as a Priest Warrior of the God of Storms, Barouhart. With a pure heart of justice, excellent swordsmanship, and magical abilities with great potential, people also refer to him as a hero. However, he does not like to be called a hero, he simply draws his sword to protect the happiness of other people. He cares less much about himself, and his daily life is fairly sloppy.

  • Weapon: Long Sword
  • Main characteristics
    • Strong sense of Justice
    • Learning the "Flying Swallow Sword"
    • Lightning Magic



Celica was born of a Barouhart priest and a Steinlurla miko, in the village of Keet. Celica's mother died to a monster wound when giving birth to Celica. His father was always on errands for the Macl Barouhart temple, or working for peace with the Steinlurlans. Even when he was home, he busied himself practicing swordsmanship until late at night. As a result, Celica was primarily raised by the other villagers of Keet, while being proud of his father's work. When his father passed away, Serika and his sister Kaya moved to Macl and entered the service of Barouhart, following their father's footsteps.

Utsuro no UtsuwaEdit