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How can I disable those popups when in non-Japanese Windows?(2000/XP)Edit


  • Change the locale to Japanese
  • Play Game after reboot your machine


  • Besure your game install path is FULL ENGLISH
  • Download the popup patch which use for Battle Goddess Zero
  • Extract and place them to the game install path
  • Use it with applocale

Game FAQsEdit

Contents of Append DiscsEdit

Append Disk 1 - エクリアさんの弁当箱 Eukleia's LunchBox

  • 永焔の戦姫 for people who didnt play and read japanese summary of Battle Goddess 0 and Princess General have almost the same append data as this disc

  • '初心者用追加 '『ヘタレスの洞窟』 Extra Beginner Map Cave of Cowards (ヘタレスの洞窟)
  • 追加迷宮・廃滅の地 Extra Map Ground of Destoryed (廃滅の地)
  • リリィのおもちゃ箱 New Characters Maou (まーおう) and Lily (リリィ) in Shrine of Ray (霞の祠) 4/F
  • '衣装'追加 Extra Clothes for Rita (リタ・セミフ) and Naberius (ナベリウス)

VERITA_AP02.exe includes -- not included in Eukleia's LunchBox

  • Rashena and Sylphia can now become playable characters after applying this one.

Append Disk 2 - コンプリートガイドブック Prefect Complete GuideBook

  • 戦女神VERITA version 2.0 upgrade?
  • personal weapons/more items, EX story, EX arena, 5x hard mode, and ya H-parts -_-

Append Disk 3 - 戦女神VERITA -外伝- Demon God's Exploration

  • more new story about Rita (リタ・セミフ) and Naberius (ナベリウス)

Why won't Celica and Louie level up?Edit

  • While every other character levels up in the same way characters conventionally level up in RPGs (i.e. after acquiring adequate amounts of XP), the two main characters must be levelled up manually. Goto the Character Ability screen for Celica/Louie, the leftmost tab there shows how much XP you have accumulated, and will let you manually spend them on various stats which affect the actual combat stats in different ways. Their level counter automatically goes up for spending given amounts of XP on their stats. You can also turn on auto levelling from here so they gain their stats automatically in a balanced manner when there is enough XP gathered for them.

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