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General Information

Party Characters Edit

Celica/Celica Sylphil -セリカ/セリカ・シルフィルEdit

The main protagonist of BG0, magic swordsman of Barouhart.

Satia Seyruun - サティアEdit

The main heroine. Seeker of Knowledge who help Celica to find meaning of his Strength.

Haishera - 魔神ハイシェラ/神殺しハイシェラEdit

An infamous Demon God who gets involved with Celica.

Hakuginkou - 白銀公Edit

The leader of the Elves of Toraismal.

Shamara Krupp - シャマーラEdit

Treasure Loving Merchant

Abeloos Casserly - アビルースEdit

A mage from Fnorro who encounters Serika.

Kaya Sylphil - カヤEdit

A priestess of Barouhart and Celica's older sister.

Dalnos - ダルノスEdit

A swordsman of Barouhart and close friend to Serika. Taught him his sword skills.

Rekushumi - レクシュミEdit

Missionary of Miko of Water

Summons Characters Edit

Amdusias - 魔神アムドシアスEdit

One of the 72 Pillars of Solomon, enemy of Haishera.

Sora no Yuushi - 空の勇士Edit

The Hero of The Sky, a young female dragon who fights against the Demon Gods and their minions.

Naberius - 魔神ナベリウスEdit

One of the 72 Pillars of Solomon, the Demon God who watches the Dark Road.

Peruru - ペルルEdit

A Mazoku who is Abeloos' apprentice.

Pazumo Menesis - パズモ・メネシスEdit

Satia's Guardian Spirit

Rita - リタEdit

A ghost girl whos cursed by a cursed spear.

Ri Kutina - [リ・クティナ]Edit

-- Naga --

Side charactersEdit

Luna Clear - ルナ=クリアEdit

Saint of Marsterria


High priestess of Barouhart Temple.

Samine Edit

Prostitute that lives in Macl. Dalnos' acquaintance.

Rita Semih - リタ・レミフ

The ghost of a girl who lived near the Forest of Dorabna

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