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General Information

Battle Goddes Episode-0 or Ikusa Megami Zero(戦女神ZERO) is the 9th series in the Eushully game. Battle Goddess Zero or BG0 for short is the prequel to the whole Battle Goddess series, Battle Goddess Verita, Battle Goddess, and Battle Goddess 2, which explains from how the main character gain his title "God-Slayer".

Battle Goddess Zero opening movie02:26

Battle Goddess Zero opening movie


Battle Goddess Episode-0
Japanese 戦女神ZERO
Romanization Ikusa Megami ZERO
Battle Goddess Episode-0 package
Brand Eushully
Genre RPG
Release date 2008/06/13
Price 9,400 Yen
Rating 18+

Battle Goddes Episode-0

  • DVD release on June 13, 2006 for 9,870 yen or 9,400 yen-tax.
  • DL release on March 5, 2010 for 6,300 yen.

Append Data

  • Battle Goddess Zero Ver.2 are release along with the Battle Goddess Episode-0 Complete Guide Book
  • There is a .01version patch for 1.0 and 2.0 that can be download from eushully home site. Heres the link for [Ver.1.01] and [Ver.2.01]
  • Note: if you have [Ver.2.0] you dont need [Ver.1.01] and if you have [Ver.1.0] you cant use [Ver.2.01].


A downloadable edition of the game can be bought from DLSite Japan. If you encounter an error on startup, you may need to run the game in Windows Vista compatibility mode.

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