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Prologue: Requiem for Lost MemoriesEdit

No gameplay is involved during the prologue - it serves only as a lead-in to the story.

A Rewinian clerk named Ciruela is in the process of organizing some archives, accompanied by a jittery soldier. He asks if they're really all right being there, referring to the recent tensions between Rewinia and its eastern neighbor, Melchia. She assures him that there is nothing to worry about; they're in a remote and strategically unimportant location.

In the next moment, she hears the sound of a bell. It chimes again a few seconds later, but it seems that only she can hear it. Before she can wonder what it is, a tremor shakes the structure in which they stand, followed by a blast of intense heat. Raging fires approach, and within them is the figure of a woman. She announces herself as Elteno, the Black Flame, and proceeds to kill Ciruela's escort. Ciruela herself loses consciousness due to the heat; the bell rings a third time, and a boy walks in and bows to Elteno. He has two bells tied to his finger which make noise whenever he moves. Suspicious, Elteno asks if he was the one who dispelled her seal; when he says yes, she asks to know why. He simply tells her that as a magician, he is interested in seeing what sort of magic a demon's power contains. She proudly informs him that their power is like nothing the new gods have seen.

Ciruela stirs at that moment; surprised that she isn't dead, Elteno prepares to finish her off. The boy, however, asks her to wait - one of his familiars needs to be fed. As he summons the insect-like creature, she comments that somebody like him might be useful. As she sets off for her next destination, the boy chases after, identifying himself as Lapshia Lune, a magician.

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