Japanese アストライア
Romanization asutoraia
Astraea profile
(c) Eushully
Race Ancient God
Sex Female
Class Goddess of Justice
Affiliation Gods of Light
World Dir Lifyna
Appeared in Battle Goddess Episode-0
Mentioned in Battle Goddess 2, Battle Goddess Verita

Astraea is one of the Ancient Gods. She is the Goddess of Judgement. She has 2 sisters; Aidos, Goddess of Benevolence, who is her younger sister, and Rhea, one of the seven ancient demon gods, who is a distant older sister. She is the wielder of the "Scale of Judgement", Libracles. See also Deity.


Has a plot revealed. Click the spoiler right-side.

After the encounter with the corrupted human Celica Sylphil, she sacrificed her life and gave her body to Celica so that he could survive the flames that were burning them both. Since then Celica has been in possession of the body of the Goddess.