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Battle PreparationsEdit

  • In the demons' territory, Ernst and Ryuji talk about the fall of Tardarum and Quinolraza's death.  Ernst knows that Ryuji isn't really interested in supporting the demons, but she's treated him as a kindred spirit all this time regardless.  She's looking forward to the coming battle, and hopes Ryuji will help ensure that she gets the fight with Lagutas that she's always wanted.
  • The angels have finished scouring MHI headquarters and converting it into a forward base.  Rufadiel introduces Shuya to Lagutas and says that the next battle will involve a two-pronged assault: Shuya and Rufadiel versus Syfira's forces, and Lagutas versus Ernst and her underlings.
  • At this point you'll be given a free-roaming segment in MHI headquarters.
    • If you didn't loot the place thoroughly before, you can do so now without fighting anybody.
    • New friendship events are available.
    • When ready to proceed, talk to Lagutas and Rufadiel.
    • You have a couple of tough battles coming up, so take the opportunity to farm, use alchemy, check out the arena, etc. to prepare.
  • Lagutas is prepping his troops before the battle.  Shuya is impressed with his evident concern for the well-being of his men.
  • Mehisha says that most of the refugees have been moved from the city center to MHI, and smiles at Shuya before leaving to oversee the process.  Rufadiel comments that it's been a long time since she saw that expression on her face.
  • After talking to both, talk to Rufadiel again to depart for Syfira's stronghold.  You get a new Shuya card as you go.

Into the Mare's LairEdit

  • You'll quickly find yourself under fire from Syfira, but Rufadiel disperses the blast easily, having observed her during their last battle.  You get several Rufadiel cards.
  • As you explore, Syfira dares you to step further into her lair, and the group starts to be overcome with lustful thoughts towards one another.  Rufadiel shocks them back to their senses.  The spell is being generated from a magical focus somewhere; if they find and destroy it, they should be able to approach Syfira without interference. 
  • Elsewhere, the battle between Ernst and Lagutas begins; both of them promise that this will be their last encounter.
  • Stepping through the door at the south will generate another timed event to destroy the magical focus, with a better reward for doing so more quickly.  This event is simple; just go to the right-hand exit to get back outside, then head to the target point.
    • At the target point Rufadiel prepares to destroy the focus.  Shuya begins to think that it seems far too easy to shut down the enemy's main line of defense.  He realizes too late that it's a trap; Rufadiel finishes the spell and a magic circle closes around her.  Shuya tries to tackle her out of it and they both end up teleported somewhere else.
    • Ritrana greets you both (and has some words for Shuya if they met earlier).  She ignores Shuya's request that she stand down, saying that this is a haven for mares like her and it has to be defended.
      • You have a special deck for this, with a serious lack of cost-1 cards; however, Rufadiel is tough enough to take a pounding for a couple of turns while you get things in order.  Once you have some cards out, Ritrana should fall quickly.
      • Before dying, Ritrana tells Shuya that he'll have to be even stronger to fight Syfira.  Rufadiel chastises him for recklessly exposing himself to danger by coming after her, as he's the leader of the group.  Shuya replies that Syfira knows the angels will act that way and has planned her strategy accordingly, privately thinking that he just didn't want her to be killed.
    • Knowing that Mehisha's contract with Shuya will lead her to them both, they decide to sit and wait.  Shuya asks Rufadiel to tell him about herself, and she says that when the angels first came to the warped world, they had a much greater military force, led by the high-ranking cherub Ganoel, who could be called Rufadiel's teacher.  The conversation moves to Mehisha, and Rufadiel confesses that she feels guilty for letting Mehisha become as cold as she did.  Shuya says she's like a big sister to the lesser angel.  Rufadiel likes the comparison, although neither one of them thinks Mehisha would take well to the idea.
  • After the group is reunited, move ahead to Syfira's location.  She congratulates Rufadiel on coming this far, although Rufadiel says she's managed it only because of the hero leading her.  Syfira seems unimpressed.
    • Syfira can be a tough opponent if you're unprepared, as the vast majority of her cards have high HP and ATK, and her presence raises their attack power even further.  Making things worse, she recovers half of the damage that she deals.  If you haven't been doing friendship events to pick up some 3-cost cards, you may run into trouble here.
  • When defeated, Syfira tells Rufadiel to do as she pleases before losing consciousness.  The angel prepares to finish her nemesis off, but is interrupted by an explosion.  When the dust clears, you see the Hachiyo superjet overhead, carrying Syfira in a harness.  Gillezel greets Shuya and tells him that the jet was all they wanted from MHI Headquarters.  Before you can react, the Hachiyo flies off on a direct course for where Ernst and Lagutas are having their battle.  Shuya orders pursuit.

Reinforcing LagutasEdit

  • When the Hachiyo begins its bombing run, Ernst is furious; between this interference and all the wounds Lagutas has taken while protecting his subordinates, beating him now isn't going to mean anything.  Lagutas laughs it off and keeps attacking, telling Ernst that these wounds are only minor scratches at best.
  • You now have two turns to reach Lagutas' position before the attacking demons are able to overwhelm him.  This is actually quite simple; cut through the first two demons in your path and move to where Ryuji is waiting (he should take care of the nearby enemies on his own).
    • Shuya recognizes his father, although Mirai is surprised to learn his identity.  Ryuji tells Rufadiel that he owes Ernst a debt, so he can't let them intrude on her battlefield.  The group seems to understand, but can't hold anything back in the coming battle.
    • Irritatingly, Ryuji begins the fight with a full complement of cards already deployed, meaning that he can easily keep his front row filled for quite a while.  Additionally, he does an extra 3 damage when attacking Shuya, so his attacks can creep up on you if you're not paying attention.  If your cards are on the weak side, use Narumi's Finish Art to soften up the minions so that you can bring them down more quickly.
  • Ryuji decides that he's done his part and tells you to go on ahead.  Mirai tells him that they need to reunite as a family again, and he tells you that he'll see you again at Chihiro's side.
  • Lagutas is in bad shape when you reach him, even if you got there in time.  His wounds don't bother him, however, and he tells you that Ernst has gone off in pursuit of the jet; it's time to finish her off.
  • Aboard the Hachiyo, Syfira has regained consciousness, and Sayane tells the demon that she wants an introduction to Selberg so that she can use the slipgate and return home.  She seems completely unconcerned by the damage her actions might cause, which frightens even Syfira.
  • When you reach Ernst, you find that she's also been heavily injured during her attack on the Hachiyo.  She says this just means she and Lagutas are on an even footing now, and attacks.
    • You have a special deck for this with Lagutas as a leader.  Ernst isn't especially difficult, although she has the ability to constantly recover and re-deploy her Dark Shot cards (the 10/1 purple energy balls) after using them.  Lagutas' attacks do 1 damage to all cards adjacent to his target, so you can use him to eliminate them if they're in the back row.
    • Defeated, Ernst asks Lagutas to finish her off.  He does, and as she dies, she finally seems satisfied with the outcome of the battle.  Lagutas tells Rufadiel that he's leaving the rest to her and collapses.
  • The Hachiyo flies over for another bombing run.  Shuya, Mehisha, and Mirai try to combine their powers to protect everyone, but the strain is likely to cost them their lives.  However, as the bombs fall, a cloaked figure appears to protect them.  He introduces himself as Nolfasa, the angels' leader, and says he's been wanting to meet you.
  • Sayane meets with Selberg, who seems impressed by her audacity.  She offers to place MHI's enhanced soldier unit at his disposal.  He accepts, although Gillezel then notes that she doesn't seem satisfied with this turn of events.  Sayane says she can tell that Selberg still has an ace in the hole.  Gillezel changes the subject, saying that he's found something interesting.

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