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Moving UpEdit

  • The demons call a meeting with the top generals at Selberg's fortress.  After his capture of Rufadiel, Shuya is invited to the proceedings.
    • Syfira and Ernst both seem interested in him, and invite him to meet with them in their respective fortresses later.  Quinolraza, on the other hand, seems irritated that an upstart like him is being brought to this gathering.
    • Ernst wonders if Shuya is as strong as the other human she knows, which catches his interest, but she doesn't elaborate further.
    • Selberg places the newly-conquered territory under Gillezel's jurisdiction, over Quinolraza's objections.  For his part, Gillezel isn't entirely pleased, as needing to defend his new holdings will keep him from earning any further distinction on the battlefield; he can't just go out and attack without permission any longer. 
    • Realizing this, Quinolraza agrees, but suspects that some sort of foul play is at hand; he claims that a human could never possibly capture a high-ranking angel like Rufadiel.
    • Talk turns to planning their next move.  Quinolraza wants to capture more territory, while Ernst is tired of fighting small fry and wants to target Lagutas specifically.  Syfira surprises the others by asking Shuya for his opinion.  Shuya suggests that the angels' hands are tied thanks to the humans under their protection, making this the ideal time to target another one of their generals.  Privately he thinks that Lagutas will be well-protected and will take a heavy toll on the demon's forces, meaning that the demons will need to turn to him and Gillezel for support in the future. 
    • Selberg gives the order, and Ernst cryptically comments that there's just no going against your blood.  As they leave, Quinolraza warns him not to forget his place.  Syfira invites him to visit her in her fortress (so that she can "teach" him about the mares), and Ernst then does likewise, saying that there's somebody who wants to meet him.  Based on the hints Ernst has already dropped, Shuya can guess that that person is his father.
  • At the school, the group decides to go ahead and meet with the demon leaders in their respective lairs, to see if another opportunity for advancement might arise.  Mirai can tell that Shuya is hiding something from her.
    • Before you get to that, you need to speak to some people around the school.
      • One girl asks if it's true that you've found a way home.  Shuya realizes that the rumors are getting out of hand, and tells her that they're going to have a meeting with the person who does know how to return.  She seems to accept this, but Shuya can feel the distance widening between himself and the other students.
      • Mirai has already deduced that Shuya knows where their father is, and they make plans to meet him.
      • Sayane tells him that the analysis on his blood is finished.  Shuya didn't even know this was happening, but Sayane ignores his questions.  Dojiro informs him that the power gains in strength through "intersection" with others, and Sayane advises him that the obvious course is to get "acquainted" with as many other women as possible.  Shuya isn't amused by this suggestion and leaves; Sayane then tells her servant to pass the information on to Gillezel, who knows more about these things.
      • In the basement, Rufadiel has been steadily violated by assorted humans and demons, but still remains defiant.
    • At City Hall, Maki's flock is beginning to lose faith in her leadership.  Mehisha arrives, and the humans crowd around her in worship, but she has no comfort to offer her.  Privately, she wonders what her superiors saw in these people.
    • As you leave, you see Sayane and Gillezel meet on the roof.
    • The world map now has four new target locations on it, one for each demon leader.  Visit each of them in turn.
      • Vaza barely seems to remember you, but then claims that he knows what you're up to: trying to get favor from Ernst by taking her side. 
      • Quinolraza again tells you that you aren't worthy to appear before him, and repeats his claim that Rufadiel could never be defeated by a mere human.  He wants to know what you're planning, and what you hope to gain from this; Shuya realizes that he doesn't actually know the answer himself, having no real idea of what his long-term goals should be.  As Shuya leaves, Quinolraza begins to doubt himself, but reasons that Shuya's true colors will be exposed sooner or later.
      • Syfira says (roughly paraphrasing) that Gillezel seems to expect great things from Shuya, and like the others, wonders what the larger game is here.  Shuya asks what she planned to teach him about the mare, and the discussion turns to the use of ritual sex to gain power.  Shuya compares this with the experiences he's already had.
      • Ernst is impressed with your strength and will and invites you to join her group, which Shuya politely declines.  She says that Ryuji has left on some task or another and can't meet with them after all.  She warns you not to get in the way of her battle with Lagutas, then promises that Shuya and Mirai will run into their father eventually so long as the battle with the angels continues.
    • Mehisha prepares for battle, wondering why this trial has been set before her, and what it could mean.

Reunions and IntrigueEdit

  • Back at the school, roam around and talk as Shuya reflects on what he's learned.
    • When he asks Gillezel about what Syfira told him, the fallen angel tells him that the technique can be used to give power as well as take it, suggesting that it could be useful to Shuya as a tool for negotiation.
    • On the roof Shuya asks Sayane what her power is, only to have her inform him that she doesn't have one; only those possessing the necessary traits can receive enhanced abilities.  He's duly impressed by the fact that she's survived in the warped world without them, and they exchange barbs about their respective roles in the tenuous alliance.
    • Shuya notices Gillezel exiting Sayane's room, though the demon is evasive about what he was doing there. Inside, he learns that Gillezel brought Sayane something that will multiply Shuya's powers if he consumes it - but if he has reservations, Sayane can just as easily give it to Mirai instead.  Shuya tells her that she's treading on dangerous ground, but agrees in order to protect his sister; Sayane makes him search for the drug on her person.  Afterward, he asks her why she has so much interest in making him stronger.  She replies that it's because he's special.  He asks if she means him personally or his power; she says there's no difference.
  • Word comes to Narumi that a student has arrived from outside the school wanting to see her; the group is surprised (and in the case of the girls, overjoyed) to learn that it's Atori.
    • Atori tells you that she's been sent by her father, Professor Gonzo Miyahara.  This could be the breakthrough that you've been waiting for, if the person who holds the key to your return is actually interested in helping you, but the group has enough sense to be suspicious.  Things become stranger when Atori reveals that she's not here to help the students, but just Shuya specifically; when asked why, she just says "that is what I was told."  Narumi conditionally agrees to let Atori into the group.
    • Atori further surprises Shuya by revealing that Masoho is here in the warped world, working with Dr. Miyahara at MHI's facilities.  Things sound better than ever, but the group can't head to MHI yet; there's still the looming issue of the angels to deal with.
    • At MHI, Masoho and Dr. Miyahara discuss the increasing activity from the demons; it's important that Atori work to safeguard the "valuable materials" so that no harm comes to them in the upcoming battles.
  • At this point, the game moves to free action.
    • The target location on the second floor will advance the story.
    • New friendship events are available.
    • The trigger for Akari's route becomes available here.  Note that if you want Sayane's ending, you have to turn Akari down when you see her.
    • Although Narumi isn't available as a heroine on the devil route, progressing her storyline will still lead to an H-scene with her later.  The devil route version of her story includes more scenes of Sayane taunting Narumi about the information she's hiding from Shuya, and ends with Narumi transferring authority over the school to him.

Angel HuntingEdit

  • The demon attack against Lagutas' forces is about to begin, but your responsibility lies elsewhere - taking control of the city center and holding it.  Your contact with Miyahara means that you now have options; working with the demons is no longer your only ticket home.  However, the group still needs to keep up a good face, lest the demons get suspicious.
  • Gillezel brings Rufadiel along to the battlefield, allegedly to sway the morale of the fighting armies.
  • Elsewhere, Ernst and her comrades are out for blood, but Ryuji finally returns just before the battle begins.  Chihiro is with him; the two will be fighting together now.
  • You're given control of Ernst for this segment, with the goal of reaching the opposite end of the battlefield.
    • You will have access to this map later, so don't worry about collecting pickups now.
    • Ernst's deck is full of high-cost cards that are difficult to deploy; however, she's tough enough that even if you find yourself locked, she can wear down many of the enemy leader cards simply through attrition.
    • As you advance, Vaza finds himself surrounded by Creators and cut off from the rest of the forces.  Seeing this turn of events, Quinolraza decides to withdraw rather than risk himself and his troops.  This will leave Ernst alone against the enemy, but he says this is simply her fault for getting too full of herself.  As he leaves, he wonders just who is controlling the Creators here...
    • Further in, Madoka comes running to Sayane with the news that Ernst is isolated and in danger of being overwhelmed.  Sayane sends her back, saying that she'll inform Shuya and the others.
      • Instead, she goes to Rufadiel and sets the angel free, informing her that the demons' target is actually the city center, not Lagutas.  She says that she wants the humans remaining there to be protected.  The angel thanks her and departs.
    • Still further in, Chihiro and Ryuji see the way the battle is going and break off from Ernst's group; knowing that if they're killed here they'll never see their children again.
    • When you reach the final angel, Rufadiel meets with Mehisha and asks how the battle has proceeded; Mehisha says that Lagutas still hasn't been attacked yet.  Rufadiel takes this to mean that Sayane spoke the truth, and that the demons will be attacking the city center momentarily.  She orders Mehisha to reinforce the city and defend the humans before departing.  However, after her superior has gone, Mehisha smells a rat and orders her subordinates to move to assist Lagutas instead, leaving only a skeleton garrison behind. 
    • Mehisha arrives just in time to reinforce Lagutas as Ernst reaches him.  Outnumbered by the weight of two groups of angels, Ernst has to retreat, frustrated that her duel has been interrupted yet again.
  • Sayane finally informs Shuya that the demon forces are in total disarray and Ernst looks sure to be lost, but also adds that the angels from the city center are likely to be preoccupied with something else.  Shuya isn't sure whether to trust her, but under the circumstances, this is a chance to save the day and earn more favor with the demons.
    • You now need to reach Ernst with as little enemy contact as possible.  You can easily do so in a single turn by manually plotting a long path that goes around and approaches her from behind (avoid the unknowns en route, they're all angels).
    • Lagutas and Mehisha have already defeated Ernst at this point.  Mehisha leaves to hunt down the other demons, and Lagutas watches her go, wondering if she's "awakened."  He prepares to deliver the deathblow, but Shuya arrives in time to defend Ernst.
      • You just need to hold out against Lagutas for 6 turns, which shouldn't be too difficult.
    • Ernst is furious that you're dragging her away from the battlefield, yelling that she needs to go back and rescue her companions.  Shuya informs her that her companions are all dead and there's nobody left to rescue.  She sets off to take revenge, despite being barely able to stand, but Gillezel forces her down and says that Shuya will give her the power she needs.  It takes Shuya a second to realize he's talking about ritual sex.  Ernst resists at first, until Shuya promises to tie up Lagutas' forces so that she can finish him herself. 
    • Once Ernst joins, you now need to fight your way back across the field to Lagutas.
      • You now have to bring him all the way down to zero, which can be tough if you haven't been stocking up.  Take advantage of the fact that your supporting cards get fully healed at the start of each turn and try to leave his front row full of weak attackers while you chip away at him.
    • After finishing off her foe, Ernst doesn't seem to hold any grudges against you and asks to be made your underling.  The battle is over, with an angelic general killed in battle; however, the toll on the demon forces is, if anything, even greater.  Vaza's forces have been wiped out by the Creators, Ernst's entire army is dead except for its leader, and Quinolraza has disappeared with his men.  Shuya and his comrades are essentially the only ones still standing between the angels and the heart of the demon territory.
  • At MHI, Masoho tells Dr. Miyahara that both armies have withdrawn, and the children still seem to be safe.  Miyahara says they've managed to secure a lot of raw materials for fusion, though they're still short, and their own servants (the Creators, supposedly) are running thin.  Masoho says she'll call in the soldiers.
  • Nolfaza decides the time has come to investigate MHI and this mysterious ability to manipulate the Creators, and places Mehisha in full command of the angelic army.  She hesitates, but gives in when he urges her to accept, saying that she should understand "our Father's dream."
  • Quinolraza surveys MHI headquarters from a distance, having arrived at much the same conclusion.  He thinks that if he can obtain this power for himself, he will exceed even Selberg, and privately thanks Syfira for making this possible.

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