Angel (天使, tenshi, or エンゼル). Angels are a race of holy beings in Eushully worlds. Angels that the player encounters often appear to be human females with a halo and a pair of white, feathery wings, although many different types of angel exist and they can vary greatly in appearance.

In Dir Lifyna, most angels were servants of The God of Creation (創造神), the chief of the Ancient Gods. After the Three Gods War, most now serve the Present Gods. As The God of Creation was one who did not intervene in the affairs of men, those who succeeded his will now act alone or form independent groups to observe humans.[1]

  • In Christian angelic hierarchy[2]
    • Angels are divided into 3 Spheres(Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and 9 Orders(3 in each Sphere).
  • In Eushully world, Angels[3] are divided to 9 ranks
    • 1st being highest and 9th being lowest, and an angel of higher rank wields greater powers.
    • In Japanese, the title are written under 第X位天使 Rank or X天使, but they are read with the English title name.
    • In Arterial of Origins, Angel are read as "Tenshi" unlike Dir Lifyna where angel are read as "enjeru"
Rank Eng. Title Jap. Title Subtype Known Angels
1st 第一位天使 Seraph してんし
  • Asmodeus, before she fell (Kamidori)
2nd 第二位天使 Cherub ちてんし
  • Ganoel (Arterial)
3rd 第三位天使 Throne 座天使 ---
4th 第四位天使 ドミニオンズ
  • Norufaza (Arterial)
  • Bardiel (La DEA)
  • Eushully-chan
  • Black Eushully-chan
  • Ms. Eukleia
5th 第五位天使 Virtue 力天使 ザナティエル
  • Elizasleyn (Kamidori)
  • Anastasia
  • Forzasleyn (Rhapsody of God)
6th 第六位天使 パワ
  • Rufadiel (Arterial)
  • Ragutas (Arterial)
  • Mikshuana (Amayui)
7th 第七位天使 プリンシパティウス
  • Guardian Angel Mehisha (Arterial)
  • Ilzave (La DEA)
8th 第八位天使 アークエンジェル
  • Melodiana (Kamidori)
  • Mehisha (Arterial)
  • Metisana (La DEA)
9th 第九位天使 エンジェル

Most nameless angels.

  • It seems that Eushully likes to portray Archangels as wearing a set of blue armor with gold borders. (Melodiana from Kamidori, Mehisha from Arterial, generic archangel from Mahou Koukaku, Metisana from La DEA)
  • An angel can choose to form a special bond with a human as a Guardian Angel.
  • Angels generally value their duty above all else.
  • The player may encounter the title 堕天使 (だてんし) in game. It means "Fallen Angel", and is not one of the angel ranks. Angels without a master may eventially turn into 堕天使. However, it is of note that the old gods whom the angels once served may call the angels who currently serve the present gods fallen angels, probably because the old gods consider these angels as traitors. Schweltleite calls Ilzave a fallen angel in La DEA.
  • Raumakl (飛天魔族) appear to be angels with 6 wings at first glance. They are however, not angels, but high ranking devils. They can often be distinguished by their lack of halo and a pair of short horns on their heads.


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